To continue my recent music nostalgia jag, the fifth anniversary of me posting my favorite albums of all time list just passed. Seems like a good time to revisit the list and see if anything has changed.

As a quick refresher, here were the Top 5, Honorable Mentions, and Super Honorable Mention from August 2007.

1a – London Calling – The Clash
1b – OK Computer – Radiohead
3 – It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back – Public Enemy
4 – Revolver – The Beatles
5 – Achtung Baby – U2

Paul’s Boutique – The Beastie Boys
The Rising – Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Vitalogy – Pearl Jam
Summer Teeth – Wilco

Purple Rain – Prince & The Revolution

Purple Rain was listed as a Super Honorable Mention because my overriding rules stated that soundtracks could not be considered. But I made an exception for it since it was a Prince album that just happened to be associated with a movie, not one of those classic 80s soundtracks that had Kenny Loggins and a host of other artists on it.

In thinking about the list, two albums I’ve listened to a lot in the last five years demand to be considered. One was released in 2008, so obviously could not have made the original list. The other was released in 2003, and while I’ve always loved it – it was my second-favorite album of the last decade – it has moved into classic status over the past five years.

The first is Frightened Rabbit’s The Midnight Organ Fight, an album I wrote plenty about in 2008. It was my favorite album both of that year and of the decade. It’s power lies in Scott Hutchison throwing absolutely every emotion experienced after a break-up, in as honest/glorious/hideous a manner as possible, onto a single disk. Its is enormous. Even after four years it can floor me to listen to it, start-to-finish.

The second is the White Stripes’ most perfect album, Elephant. It came just as Jack and Meg were broadening their sound while still staying true to their original, minimalist aesthetic. I bought it just after we moved to Indianapolis and it served as the soundtrack for the summer of 2003.

The album begins with “Seven Nation Army,” a song that was inescapable in 2003 and remains a sports event anthem today. Things kept getting better after that. No fewer than nine of the album’s 14 tracks could be considered for the best cut. “Black Math” roars. “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself” is a stunner, and my favorite cover ever. “Ball and Biscuit” might be the best song of the last 20 years. And on and on. Other than a couple tracks that might be considered throw aways by some1, it’s a nearly perfect synthesis of blues, punk, and straight-ahead-American rock. It belongs in every self-respecting American music fan’s collection.

So where do they fit in? To add two I have to lose two, so both The Rising and Summer Teeth get bounced from the top ten and Achtung Baby slides out of the top five. My favorite albums lists for September 2012 is, then:

1a – London Calling – The Clash
1b – OK Computer – Radiohead
3 – It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back – Public Enemy
4 – The Midnight Organ Fight – Frightened Rabbit
5 – Revolver – The Beatles
6 – Elephant – The White Stripes
7 – Paul’s Boutique – The Beastie Boys
8 – Vitalogy – Pearl Jam
9 – Purple Rain – Prince & The Revolution
10 – Achtung Baby – U2

Now go listen to some music, bitches.

  1. Cough The Meg songs cough