We had a very successful Halloween here in Casa de B. The sisters hooked up with the neighbors and had matching costumes. The eight year olds went as fairies, the six year olds as princesses, and L. was the knight to protect them all. So she wouldn’t be alone, the neighbors put a little knight shirt on their dog.

We loaded up a wagon with supplies1 and hit the streets. It was quite chilly, so we tackled the neighborhood in two shifts. Along the way we were joined by a couple other families, so at one point I think we had 10 or 11 kids strung out between 2-3 houses. Despite constant orders to wait for the others, M. was usually the first to run on to the next house even if the rest of our group was still waiting for their candy at the last house.

L. was tired of the cold and bailed when we made a pit stop around 7. There is a house a couple blocks over that turns their garage into a mini-haunted house each year. We had never done it before but the girls wanted to give it a shot this time. It’s pretty tame, although I guess the hosts tend to jump out and scream more for bigger kids, but it was basically pitch black with all kinds of spooky things forming a twisting path through a three-car garage. The girls did fine, although there were a few whimpers when someone did jump out at them towards the end.

We raced home, checked out the candy, and desperately tried to get the girls calmed down for bedtime. M.’s class had a major role in this morning’s All Saints Day mass, and we had to be at school earlier than normal. Bedtime was a bit of a disaster, but when isn’t it, really?

Other than that, it was a great Halloween. We went the farthest we’ve ever gone and I think the girls had the most fun they’ve ever had. We’ll give them a few days with their treats, then “donate” it all to someone who needs it more than us. Shortly after I’m sure the girls will kick off the Christmas countdown.

  1. Supplies included extra bags for candy, gloves, a few costume parts discarded through the night, and a growler of a fine local brew for the dads.