Mid-June is always busy with remembrances large and small here in Casa de B. June 2013 is extra special, as it marks the tenth anniversary of many of these events.

Last Thursday, for example, was the tenth anniversary of S. graduating from residency. That’s not one we celebrate but, as it was a part of a huge weekend ten years ago, we did acknowledge it this year.

Then Friday was our (first) tenth anniversary.1 We don’t make a big deal out of anniversaries, so we didn’t really have a celebration planned. But thanks to our neighbors mentioning they had a sitter for a couple hours and one of my sisters-in-law stepping up to watch our girls, we were able to duck out for an impromptu dinner with them.

And ten years ago tonight we hopped into our cars, drove east for eight hours, and at roughly 2:00 AM the next morning, pulled into the driveway of our home for the first time as owners.

A lot of shit happened in a five day span in June 2003.

But the biggest anniversary is still a little over a week away. June 27, 2003 was the first official post at this site’s first home. None of your lives have been the same since then, have they?

Time really does fly. In some ways that doesn’t seem like so very long ago, as though we left the house for a few busy hours, came home, and suddenly we had three kids, a couple career changes, and were in our 40s. But when I pause to consider who I was back in June 2003 and compare that to who I am today, I think, "Did all of that really happen in just ten years?" I don’t think I look dramatically different than I did in 20032 but I am, in fact, a completely different person. Which is kind of mind blowing.

We’re not the only ones in our group of friends celebrating ten years of marriage this summer, so I’m sure several of you are going through the same kinds of reflections. So happy anniversaries to all of you. It’s hard to believe what we’ve done, isn’t it?

  1. For those new to our family history, we had a small wedding in June that knocked out our legal and church requirements. A month later, after we had moved, we fulfilled the party with friends requirement with a second ceremony. Of course we are still one event shy of our friends the B’s, who had three wedding events in the spring of 2002. 
  2. Now that I’ve grown my hair back and after dropping those 30 dad lbs. two years ago.