The girls are on high alert, as the holiday season officially begins this week. There is extra tension in the air this year, as the Indy area is expected to get hit with big storms tomorrow night, likely to include heavy rain, damaging winds, and lots of lightning. Several cities have already postponed trick-or-treating until Friday. Our city has not done so yet, but it would not surprise me if that changes in the next 24 hours. When I told the girls about other cities postponing yesterday, at first they were disappointed, but after a moment, they got really excited about it. Trick-or-treating on Friday, November 1?!?! It will be the most special Halloween ever!!!

In the meantime, there is nervousness over their costumes. They bought theirs three weeks ago and wore them around the house for several days after. Naturally, we’re missing accessories, tails need to be re-sewn, etc. In full Father Of The Year mode, I just keep saying, “I told you to be careful with them.” I have a feeling all the issues will get worked out before they leave to house to collect their treats.

Taking things to a whole other level was the arrival of the Target Christmas toy catalog on Monday. The girls have spent hours pouring through it, circling and putting their names next to items they want. It’s still early, but I think they will each ask for approximately 195 things this year. L. keeps yelling, “Guess what I’m getting for Christmas?!” which I quickly shoot down with, “You don’t know if you’re getting anything. You want to show my what you’re asking for for Christmas.” Already on my nerves.

The best request is that both L. and C. would like those little motorized cars that they can ride around in. One of L.’s buddies has two and each time she goes to his house, she spends most of the time driving his mini-Escalade around. Since she’s the expert, the sisters have decided that L. with “teach” C. how to drive one. I almost want to get them one so that I can see what L.’s driving instructions entail.

I was mildly annoyed when I saw Best Buy already running Christmas commercials over the weekend. That was alleviated a little by Will Arnett being the star of the first batch. Then Maya Rudolph showed up. Can Christina Applegate be far behind?

There are at least three Polar Express rides scattered across Indiana. One of them has been running ads on Disney Radio for three weeks now. We bought our tickets a month in advance last year, and had to struggle to find enough for our group of nine people. So I guess when there’s that kind of demand, you can justify advertising this early. Still, I’d prefer to see nothing about Christmas on TV until Halloween has passed.