The belated weekend wrap up.

Man, was it a crazy weekend. First off, we were lucky that the awful storms that blew through Indiana split before they made it to our house. We had some heavy winds, but nothing like the 80 MPH gusts they had downtown, or the tornadoes that were just to the north of us. The sirens did go off, and we hustled the girls to the basement for a bit. But, amazingly, other than the usual small limbs down and leaves blown around, we hardly felt the full wrath here.

That’s not to say we weren’t effected by the storms. We got a call Monday morning that a tree had fallen down at our LVS and hit a neighbor’s home. We went down in the afternoon, and the tree had already been cut and moved, but it was an impressive site. Our tree, which the crew said weighed 8700 lbs, hit another tree before it landed on the neighbor’s roof. The crew said had it not been in the way, ours would have sliced right through her house. Or, had it fallen towards our LVS, we’d be prepping for a major repair project.

Fortunately no one was hurt, it doesn’t look like there was significant damage to her home, and the insurance companies will make sure everything is repaired. And I guess we need a new tree.

On our drive back we were behind a pickup truck that had a deer thrown in the back bed. The antlers and nose were sticking out over the tailgate. We were either following hunters or roadkill gatherers, I guess. C. and L. a long discussion about whether it was dead or not. I’m not sure why they thought a deer would just be lying in the back of a pickup on the interstate, but they don’t have a lot of experience with deer, either. At one point L. got a good look at it when a tractor trailer passed. “Oh yeah,” she said. “That deer is definitely dead.” I’m glad they got that figured out.

OK, weekend sports blurbs.

Colts dig their way out of another hole Thursday. They really need to stop doing this shit. Seems like they’re more likely to be the 4 seed than the 2 or 3 at this point. Which would likely mean Denver or Kansas City comes to Indy for the Wildcard round. Regardless of what happens between now and then, I have a hard time seeing the Colts winning a playoff game with as many significant injuries as they’ve had. Of course, if Denver comes to town and Peyton can’t move, or KC loses a couple key defensive guys, that changes things. And it’s still nearly two months away. A lot can happen.

First high school basketball game of the year Friday. A nice night for my girls, as they won by 30. Stats were a little shaky, but they always are the first couple games. Everything added up, which is the important thing.

KU gets a Big 12 win! Funny how it took putting a very non-Charlie Weis quarterback in, and a freshman who was supposed to be redshirting at that, while the two most hyped KU football recruits ever, Dayne Crist and Jake Heaps, had been utter failures.

I have a grad school friend who is a WVU alum. I owed him beer for a bet on last year’s KU-WVU games, and after months of trying, finally found a service that would ship beer to him. A week later we break the losing streak against his Mountaineers. Sometimes karma is a beautiful thing.

Speaking of Denver and KC, I stayed up and watched their entire game Sunday. For all the pre-game hype, that was a big letdown. I either wanted Peyton in full video game QB mode, or the KC defense just destroying the Broncos’ offense. At least the Denver-Indy game was exciting. Not sure how Robert Mathis could be on Peyton all night and KC couldn’t get to him with a much better D-line.

Finally, the Pacers got hammered in Chicago Saturday, ending their nine-game winning streak. One game out of 82, so nothing to get concerned about.