This weekend was L.’s turn with her class bear, Baxter.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, many classes send a bear or other stuffed animal home with kids for a weekend. They usually come with a book in which the adventures of the bear are recorded. When it’s your family’s turn, you take some pictures, write down the weekend’s activities, and send it back on Monday. C.’s class is still doing it, in fact. She had Tony, the bear their pen pals in Lithuania sent to the States, a week ago.

One of our big activities for the weekend was taking Baxter to the Lego store. He had been to the Lego movie with one of L.’s classmates so we decided to do it old school.

Lego1 is quite the racket. They’ve gotten smaller than they used to be and somehow became crazy expensive at the same time. I think it’s impossible to buy a kit of any decent size for less than $30. Even some of those sets, once you’ve assembled them, can be held in the palm of your hand. The girls were grabbing things they wanted and when we flipped them over to check the price, saw three figures a couple times.


My other complaint is how you can not buy just a set of random Lego, at least in the store. They have bins where you can buy individual pieces. But there’s no 200 piece starter set, or something along those lines, displayed. If you check Amazon you can find them. And I bet toy stores have the assorted piece kits. At at the company stores, though, everything appears to be a rigid set. Star Wars, super heroes, Lego Friends, famous buildings and vehicles, nature scenes, etc.

When I was a kid…

Never mind.

We also took Baxter down to the LVS to do some winter checking, had a visit from an aunt, and took him out to eat on Sunday night. Oh, and watched plenty of Olympics and college hoops. L. was sad this morning when she had to take him back, but she was happy when I asked her how sharing her stories went in class.

I’m going with the official view that when you make Lego plural, you do not add an S. That bugs me, though. I always called them Legos. But you know how I love to pronounce things correctly… ↩