A few things about a few things.

After our endless winter, we finally got a blast of hot over the weekend. It pushed well into the 80s both days, with a healthy dose of humidity to make it feel a tad uncomfortable. I swore not to bitch about the heat after the months of cold…

This is the Midwest, though. The high Friday is supposed to be down in the 50s.

Part of being in a cable-free house means I have missed out on a few things. For example, I haven’t been able to watch the Pacers get their stuff together and suddenly be on the verge of advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. I checked the score around halftime last night and, seeing they were well behind, forgot about the game. I was doing one last Twitter check before bed and saw that they had come back and won, taking a 3-1 lead over Washington.

Still not convinced they have all their issues solved. But they were built to play Miami. A boost of confidence from closing out the Wizards in five or six games and a chance at redemption against the Heat might just keep them on track.

Or they might not win another game. Tough to buy in to the turn around completely.

I realized this morning that L. is down to two weeks of pre-K remaining. That means these are the last two weeks of me running around the corner to drop off and pick up a kid. The last two weeks of not having all three girls on the same school schedule. It has gone quickly.

More tooth fairy stories.

Three lost teeth in the last week.

First, L. lost her third tooth on Tuesday. When I went in to do the tooth-for-cash switch, it was after 11:00. And yet she was sitting up in her bed looking around. Fortunately, she was totally out of it and I was able to get her to lie down and subtly made the swap while I was patting her back and telling her to go back to sleep. M., for some reason, still protested the next morning when L. showed off her $3. I can’t figure that kid out.

C. lost a tooth Thursday night, but did so after everyone had gone to bed. She came into our room after 11:00 to announce her big news. S. rather tersely told her that it was too late for the Tooth Fairy, so she’d have to save it for the next night. What she really meant was we didn’t have any dollar bills lying around and needed to get some the next day.

Friday night C. and L. decided to sleep together in C.’s room. So when I snuck in I had to worry about not waking two kids. C. was flopping around the whole time I was in there, but never woke. The other danger with her room is she always has crap thrown all over the floor. Last week I crushed two plastic Easter eggs that were under a pile of blankets she left on the floor. So, in addition to not wanting to wake anyone up, I had to be sure not to impale my foot on any sharp objects scattered around.

Finally, L. lost another front tooth today right after school. M. was telling her yesterday to be careful if she lost it at school, because it was a valuable tooth. We’ll see if she throws a fit tomorrow when L. emerges from her room with $5.