Three quick hours this morning, apparently to satisfy the state of Indiana, and now M. and C. are finally done with school.1 It’s been a long few days, as the district we live in wrapped up their school year last Thursday. So while the neighbors have been swimming and going to parks, we’ve still been on a normal school schedule. Not anymore, though.

As with the stomach bug hitting the house over Memorial Day, I hope the weather today isn’t an omen for the rest of the summer. We’ve had two waves of heavy rain, which just happened to coincide with drop-off and pick-up times. I ran the girls to the door and then back to the car three hours later, all of us huddling under a tiny umbrella to avoid getting drenched. I’m sure the mosquitos are loving it.

I think L. is especially happy to have her sisters home. While she was able to start swim team practice on Monday, she’s clearly been bored the rest of our week-and-a-half together. None of my suggestions for things to do seemed to interest her, and I could only drag her to the hardware or grocery store so many times. Sure, they fight constantly, but she also has someone to play with.

Tomorrow morning M. and C. will join in on the swim team practice fun. They hop in the pool at 8:00 for the rest of the week, then will likely move into the group that swims at 8:40 next week. So my alarm time won’t change dramatically for a couple more days.

We’re officially on our summer schedule. A hair over ten weeks that will include lots of time in the water, trips to the library, bike rides, exploring some parks, and whatever else I can come up to keep them occupied and me from losing my mind.

A three-hour school day? What a waste. Especially given that the last week or so had been pretty low key in school already. But I’m assuming three hours was the minimum they had to keep the kids in order to get that last snow day off the books. ↩