Yeah, yeah, the site looks different. Normally when this happens I share a long, detailed accounting of the hows and whys that went into it.

Not this time.

A variety of user errors piled up over recent months and had things not working the way I wanted. After a week of tinkering I decided to scrap the system I’ve used for the last 11 months and go back to something less fiddley. Or at least something that if I fiddle with it, I can back up and fix things easier than in the past.

A couple things that might be better for my readers:

1- Archived posts are now much easier to get to. I’m not done importing but in a few days you’ll be able to go all the way back to June 2003 rather easily.1 I’ll still need to go back and do some code clean up in many of those posts, but they’re still readable.
2 – I’ve long wanted to implement the bigfoot.js footnotes feature. Now I can! Easier, prettier footnote access for my readers!

So hopefully it’s all good for you and a couple weeks annoyance for me until everything is locked in again.

As always, thanks for reading.

  1. With that six-month gap in 2011 when I was messing with things and somehow lost all the posts from that period.