Something Old Is New Again

You may have noticed there was a comment on the site yesterday.

No joke. After many years of not having comments I have turned them back on. I’ve even added the little Latest Comments widget over on the right sidebar so you can quickly see if anyone has offered up their opinions.

It’s appropriate that my pal Stace was the first person to comment in this new era. We had a really ugly scene last week while eating lunch together in Kansas City. She cornered me while I was attempting to devour my half Planet Sub (sans dijon) and rather cruelly jabbed me with her finger, demanding that I turn commenting back on. When I hemmed and hawed, she snatched my sandwich from my hands and threatened to toss it into the trash.

Hey, I’m all about making my readers happy. Especially the ones whom I’ve known since middle school.

I’ve installed the newest, latest spam-blocker that’s supposed to make it super easy to filter the real comments from the trash. Hopefully it works as expected/promised.

Have fun, and be nice.

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  1. Stace

    So I tried to comment “Damn straight,” and got this: ERROR: Your comment was too short. Please try to say something useful. Who does Word Press think it is trying to dictate my speech like that? Like at 43 I’m all of a sudden going to start editing my speech to make sure it’s “useful”. Dream on.

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