The girls did fine without me Friday, coming back to beat a tough team 22-11. The coaches prepped them for the game by telling them it would be “like playing fifth graders.” Such is the reputation of the St. S’s kickball program.

I was back on the scorebook tonight. Another win. Again the mercy rule came into effect. 41-15 this time, and they gave up seven of those runs in the first. Our girls kicked two grand slams and had two other solo home runs. No 20-run innings but one 16-tally frame.

Even if it’s good for your team, your heart has to break a little every time you see an outfielder, who hasn’t touched the ball all night and is staring off into the distance, misplay a ball and it goes rolling past her all the way to the school building. Then again, I’m also thinking to myself, “My daughter would have stopped that!”

I believe the lesson is we have a good team, and coaches who have done a good job teaching them how to play defense and run the bases. But when I show up and hold the scorebook, clearly it takes them to another level.