Day: November 21, 2014

⦿ Friday Links

There’s a new Kingdom Rush game out, so I better share some links before I disappear into it for the next week or so.

Our first article is a look into the life of a college basketball assistant coach. If you don’t get hooked up with the right guy/program, it can be a real struggle to work your way up the ladder. I’ve always found it interesting that quite a few coaches spend time in pharmaceutical sales before they dive into coaching. Brad Stevens is the most famous example. But Gus Hauser, the subject of this feature, is another example.

Keep Moving

I’ve said before that Wichita State’s rise does not bother me, although I realize my view might be different if I still lived back in the Kansas City area. But because I don’t, and I dig the Shockers’ rise, I really enjoyed this feature on Ron Baker. Nothing wrong with a small town Kansas kid blowing up like he has, no matter where he goes to school.

The Ultimate Shocker: How Ron Baker Went from Walk-On to NBA Prospect

Three music links to round things out.

First, the transcript of Steve Albini’s recent talk at the Face the Music conference in Melbourne. It’s good to see that some inside the music industry are optimistic and forward-looking rather than constantly complaining or attempting to turn the clock back 30 years when it comes to music distribution.

But for a minute I want you to look at the experience of music from a fan’s perspective, post-internet. Music that is hard to find was now easy to find. Music to suit my specific tastes, as fucked up as they might be, was now accessible by a few clicks or maybe posting a query on a message board. In response I had more access to music than I had ever imagined. Curated by other enthusiasts, keen to turn me on to the good stuff; people, like me, who want other people to hear the best music ever.

Steve Albini on the surprisingly sturdy state of the music industry

As you likely know, I’m a stickler about not listening to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. Not everyone waits so long, including an increasing number of radio stations.

Here’s a look at the economics of Christmas radio. Spoiler alert: most stations that go to all Christmas music formats enjoy dramatically increased ratings. Also, this was published in October, so it’s a bit dated.

Radio Dusts Off Mistletoe, in October

Finally, keeping in the holiday spirit, another Christmas music article I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks.

When David Letterman announced his retirement earlier this year, I wondered what would happen to the traditional musical guest in the final show before Christmas. To no real surprise, Darlene Love will perform on Letterman this year, and then go on late night TV no more to sing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”

She’s the best.

David Letterman’s retirement means no more TV “Christmas” from Darlene Love

Friday Vid

“Slippery Slopes” – Jenny Lewis

I realized last night that we are only two weeks from when I will begin unveiling my favorite songs of 2014. Although this song will not be on the list, Jenny Lewis will be making an appearance. I highly recommend the album from which this song comes, The Voyager.

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