Karma is a bitch.

No where is that more true than in sports.


In the 2013 Sweet 16 in Arlington, Texas, KU guard Elijah Johnson decided to cheap shot Michigan forward Mitch McGary in the sack early in the game.

Anyone watching the game knew the Hoops Gods would exact revenge.

They teased us, but then they did so in crushing fashion.

Johnson hit a 3-pointer with under seven minutes left to give KU a 14-point lead. Were the Hoops Gods looking the other way?

Hell no.

Johnson missed the front end of a one-and-one with KU leading by three points late in regulation. Which set up Trey Burke’s shot for the ages that sent the game to overtime.

In overtime Johnson committed two terrible turnovers – one a needless 10-second backcourt violation when he was not being pressured – and turned down a close shot that could have tied the game at the end of overtime to make a tough pass that left Naadir Tharpe with a tougher shot from deep.

Johnson scored 13 points, but turned the ball over five times without an assist.

Michigan advanced, KU went home.

The Hoops Gods, and Karma, had spoken.

Why dredge up that bad memory?[1] Because I’m using Karma to make my Super Bowl pick.

Forget that the Seahawks defense is set up perfectly to slow/contain/stop the New England offense. Forget that on offense the Seahawks have a knack for making huge plays in huge moments. Forget that, even though they won the Super Bowl last year, this Seahawks team seems to have some kind of magic on their side that you pick against at your own peril.

While those things might matter Sunday, the deciding factor is going to be Karma.

I already said I don’t think the deflated balls made a difference in the outcome of the AFC Championship game. New England was going to win regardless, so long as Tom Brady stayed upright.

But the Football Gods were watching. They’ve punished the Patriots before; see David Tyree and Spygate. They will do so again Sunday.

I don’t know if it’s going to be another late, flukey, heart-breaker of a catch, or an outright pounding. Somehow, though, the Football Gods will make Belichick and Brady and the rest of the Patriots pay.

Seattle 24, New England 21

  1. For us KU fans, at least. There was a lot of anger late that Friday night in my house.  ↩