Happy Fathers Day to all the other dads out there!
Chuck Klosterman’s Billboard cover story on Eddie Van Halen made some waves this week. Especially when Sammy Hagar put a pointed rebuttal/response on YouTube.
I think we can all agree that Michael Anthony is the only guy of the first five to be in Van Halen that doesn’t seem like a total jerk.
Eddie Speaks

With the release of Inside Out Friday, ranking all the Pixar movies was a popular activity. Here’s one of those lists.
All 15 Pixar Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Basketball on the radio doesn’t have the same allure as baseball on the radio. Still, a few times a year I find myself listening to a Pacers game as I’m traveling. Their play-by-play man, Mark Boyle, is very good. I did not know he tries to do something different each summer. This year, he’s broadcasting Cape Cod League baseball games without pay.
Pacers play-by-play man heads to the minor leagues for a baseball adventure

Here’s a fun music list for you. How a dream band from each state would look. Indiana is surprisingly strong, and that’s without Mellencamp.
What the Dream Band Would Look Like If Every a Member Were From Your State

For Father’s Day, a couple dad-related links.
First, Jason Kottke shares stories from his rather unconventional childhood. Which of course seemed totally normal to him.
Flying With My Dad
Last year the Kansas City Star got a new Royals beat writer after the great Bob Dutton left for Seattle. The choice, young Andy McCullough, won a lot of us over with his wit on Twitter, easy relationship with manager Ned Yost, and fantastic, old-school styled game stories. 
He shared this piece of personal writing from several years back this week. Careful if reading stories about fathers and sons gets to you.
Fathers Decade

Finally, Charles Pierce brought it strong on Charleston. 
Charleston Shooting: Speaking the Unspeakable, Thinking the Unthinkable