“Shadrach” – Beastie Boys. None of this week’s new releases really piqued my interest, so after dropping the girls at school this morning I threw on Paul’s Boutique and have been reliving the first month of my freshman year of college. At least musically. I haven’t been skipping classes and puking in trashcans.
“Positron” – Palace Winter. Another very fine track – this one recorded live – from PW.
“Tiny Fires” – Kevin Morby. I’ve been digging this song – which sounds very fall-like – for a couple weeks and finally spun Morby’s most recent full-length album Wednesday. Turns out he is originally from Kansas City, which will pretty much always earn you a spot on a Friday playlist.
“Map On A Wall” – Lucy Dacus. I find myself digging the moody, atmospheric, semi-indie/semi-folk, female singer-songwriter a lot these days.[1] Dacus’ current album is fantastic, and this is another track that fits the season quite well.

“Halloweenhead” – Ryan Adams. I’m always interested in the between-shows music at concert. Who selects the tunes that get played between the opening act and the headliner? Is it the band with top billing? Or is it just a playlist that the venue throws on? When we saw the Revivalists last month, this was the first track after the openers left the stage, which brought appreciative nods from lots of folks in the crowd. While not really about the holiday at the end of the month, it still seems like a no-brainer for October. Also, we’re damn close to new DRA music. Supposedly his new album is set to be released Nov. 4.

  1. Angel Olsen, Lydia Loveless, Nadia Reid, Julia Jacklin, and Haley Bonar most notably these days.  ↩