Onward, Upward Fuji X-T2 18mm at f/5.6, 1/600 sec, ISO 200

Where/when do I take the pictures I share here and on Instagram? Most weeks I will devote part of one day to taking a long photo walk. Sometimes I’ll go to an urban area to shoot architecture and people, other days I’ll pick a park or trail system to focus on landscapes and nature.

This week I took a long walk in nearby Zionsville. I walked on two trails and then through its historic downtown area. While I was on the trail, I crossed paths twice with an older woman[1] who was out for a morning run. The first time, as I was headed up the trail and she was headed down, we nodded and said hello. Fifteen minutes later, after we had both reversed course, she stopped and asked if I was taking pictures of birds or something else. I told her I was just out shooting anything that caught my interest. She asked how often I shot, and I shared what I told you above: once a week I take a long walk with my camera. She said, “That’s wonderful, and a very healthy hobby, too. Good for you!” Then she wished me good day and continued her run.

I share that story just because it’s kind of funny, not because it has anything to do with this picture. I took this one a week ago while in the Fortville area. I liked the leading lines toward the big sledding hill, and how the sun was breaking through the clouds just enough to make the hill pop a bit.

  1. I’m guessing around 60, but a rather attractive and fit 60.  ↩