Back to the sharings of the musics!

“Man Uncouth” – Line & Circle. Holy 1983! These kids clearly listened to some early R.E.M. and Smiths albums. This is some good shit.

“Cut Yr Teeth” – Kississippi. There are hints of shiny, jangle pop in this song, but it never really sheds its rougher exterior to reveal that brightness. Which seems appropriate for a morning when the temperature is well below zero. 

“Frame for One” – Jessee Marchant. Here is a lovely song which, at least in the guitars, recalls the Cowboy Junkies a little bit. Like the Junkies, Marchant is Canadian, so that’s all good.

“Fuck, I Hate the Cold” – Cowboy Junkies. Hey, speaking of the Cowboy Junkies, this is the perfect week to throw out this classic!

“Sour Times” – Portishead. Yesterday we were on our way to M’s volleyball practice and I was able to catch the last song of the War on Drugs’ SiriusXM studio performance, recorded last fall. The first song spun after TWOD wrapped up with this classic from ’94. The mid-90s get a lot of shit, mostly because of all the grunge-lite and grunge-influenced pop that took over around that time. But also stuff like this was bubbling up into the mainstream, and we were all better for it.