Apologies for the lack of rocking on Friday. We got the call at 5:45 that the girls would be having their first snow day in nearly four years. I never really got back to sleep after that, which wasn’t all bad as I had an eye exam at 9:00 and needed to get up anyway. The exam took entirely too long for some reason and I had to cancel another appointment I had lined up for after. When I got home, S, who also had a snow day at work, and the girls had every single Lego we own scattered on the living room floor for sorting purposes. So I helped with that, read some, and took a nice, long nap, which I don’t do often. Never got around to building a playlist for ya’ll.

As today is a holiday, I guess it is appropriate to offer up some tunes today instead. I just had to completely take apart and reassemble a toilet with new parts, first. I’m so handy!

“Elizabeth” – Long Neck. Those bright, open chords feel so springy on this cold, snowy day.

“Stones” – Alyeska. Don’t recall if I’ve listened to these guys before, but I’m really enjoying this extra track that was left off their late ’17 EP. There’s a lot of Sonic Youth in their music, and some Karen O. in the vocals.

“Night Shift” – Lucy Dacus. The first great song of 2018. This track is amazing. 

“MLK” – U2. They obviously have another more famous song that would work today. But I prefer the understatedness of this one. We’ve come a long way, but still have a long way to go.

“This Is It” – Lo Moon. This song had been popping up on SiriusXM late last year, but I didn’t realize I would be seeing them open up for the War on Drugs so didn’t really pay much attention to them. This isn’t a bad song. I told my friend who was at the concert with me that Lo Moon sounds like if you crossed the War on Drugs and Mr. Mister. Which may be a little harsh on the later half of that comparison. But Mr. Mister did have a couple solid songs, so I offer it with love. Doing some reading this morning, a lot of folks are hearing Talk Talk and Peter Gabriel in this song, which also sound right to me.

My favorite part of their appearance here last month came during TWOD’s set. The four members of Lo Moon stood on the stairs opposite from us, and the lead singer was just a little too into things, jumping around, bouncing his head with the beat, etc. Not sure if he had just had a few, or he was trying too hard to impress the headliners with his fandom.