A slap-dash, quickie playlist this week as I had a few things lined up this morning and have a lot of basketball to watch this afternoon.

“Friendly Aliens” – Chad VanGaalen. This guy is from Canada. This song is trippy and strange and fun.

“Without a Blush” – Hatchie. Your weekly Australian song. Her EP last year was excellent. Looking forward to her full-length debut in June.

“When Am I Gonna Lose You” – Local Natives. LN was big in 2016. They have a new album out next month. The first song I heard off of it I did not like. The first time I heard this one, I loved it.

“Same Things Twice” – Idlewild. Man, these guys were one of my favorite bands of the early-mid ‘00s. Some of their music back then was sooooo good. Over time their sound changed, I moved on to other bands, and I kind of forgot about them. Apparently they are back. I don’t love this song, but maybe some of the other tracks on their next album will be solid.

“Dunked On” – Froggy Fresh & Money Maker Mike. Happy March Madness!