A quick holiday weekend wrap up.

It was a strange Memorial Day weekend. For the first time since 2013 we were not at the lake. As the weekend got closer, it kept feeling very strange not to automatically have plans and to not have people asking us, “You going to the lake this weekend?” As other friends went off to their own lake homes, and as the temperature and humidity climbed, I did have a few moments of wishing we still had the house. Especially since L and I were right down the hill at camp Thursday and Friday.

Ahh, but then I remembered all the reasons I was so for getting rid of the lake house even before we bought our new home here and any regret quickly fell away.

We had a pretty laid back weekend at home. Saturday evening we had some of the local family over for a cookout. S and I are really enjoying her sisters having two and three year olds. Not that our girls don’t have their issues. In fact two of them got into it during our gathering Saturday. But with teens you yell at them, take away their phones, and send them to their rooms. With two year olds, however, they just keep sucking the life out of you. S and I tipped our drinks to each other a few times as one parent or another was getting frustrated by a toddler that wasn’t listening to them. Our only jobs are to make sure the kids don’t get into any dangerous situations and don’t get any food or drinks near our new furniture. The rest is on the parents.

Sunday was race day in Indy. We did what people in Indy who don’t go to the race do: projects around the house while listening to the race on the radio. I remember how weird I thought that was when I moved here. “You listen to a car race on the radio?!?!” Now it’s a regular part of my Memorial Day weekend. We were cleaning gutters when the Air Force flyover circled over our house twice, which was pretty cool. Later in the evening we went out with our old neighbors at a very cool area in Carmel. I swear, Carmel has gotten like 80% cooler in the 11 months since we’ve moved.

Monday L and I went out in the morning to play some golf. Well, she played foot golf while I played nine next to her on the pitch-n-putt course. The course was very wet since it has rained about 97 straight days here, so she struggled in her first attempt at foot golf. I told her to kick low line drives so they would roll, but the first time the ball hit the ground it would quickly get water-logged and come to a halt. She “kicked” a 40 or something like that. She’ll do better next time. It was also her first lesson in golf etiquette, which she didn’t always get. When I told her the ball farthest from the hole always hits first, she took that very literally. She thought I should walk behind the green and see how far my ball was from the hole before she kicked her ball that was short of the green. Luckily after a couple holes she caught on to the concept of ready golf.

Monday evening we went to a party for a nephew’s third birthday. He’s the first of the local boys to turn three, and his two younger buddies were both there. The birthday boy was very happy to share the unwrapping of his gifts with his cousins, which was a good thing since I’m not sure everyone understood it wasn’t their birthday, too. There was a lot of grabbing of bags and taking things out and then playing with new toys before the birthday boy even got a chance to see them. There were also some tears when gifts were taken away and given to the birthday boy. Again, S and I laughed and laughed, and got the hell out when things looked like they were spiraling out of control.

Summer has not begun for us. M is in school until Thursday. C and L go through next Tuesday. The schedule is stupid this year but, I must admit, I voted for it 18 months ago. Of course, I thought we would still own a lake house at the time and figured an extra weekend in August is better than one in early June. I’ll know better next time…