“You’re Trying Too Hard” – Nightjacket. I feel like I definitely have a sound for 2019 so far: Female vocals over what is mostly indie pop with some hints of other genres mixed in. This band fits right in it, blending some dream pop and shoegaze into their pop stew.

“Who You Are” – Mannequin Pussy. This band fits right into that pocket, too. Mostly straight-ahead pop-rock with a touch of jangle pop. Kind of a wacky name, though. I guess they’re counting on no radio airplay.

“Baby Blues” – Moving Panoramas. Hey, why not one more just to prove my point? I hope at least one of these songs gets stuck in your head this weekend.

“Seven Devils” – Kansas City’s Kevin Morby’s latest album, Oh My God, is a sprawling, complex, tremendous piece of work. I don’t love every one of the songs, but I admire his ambition. Fittingly, this song has a Wilco vibe to it, and from the era when Wilco was one of the most ambitious and daring bands in the world.

“Constructive Summer” – The Hold Steady. Raise a toast to St. Joe Strummer and build something this summer.