Some new songs from groups that still seem like representatives of new music, but have actually been putting out songs for a long time.

“Born and Razed” – The Raconteurs. Not a huge fan of the new album – it’s ok, should be better – but this is easily the stand-out track.

“Can’t Stop You” – Pete Yorn. I shared his other new single a few weeks back. I find this one to be both stronger and more reminiscent of his classic sound. Speaking of, I listened to his debut album musicforthemorningafter a couple nights ago. It is still amazing and is one of the albums that helped move my tastes a bit in the early 2000s. I’ll never understand why Yorn wasn’t a bigger star.

“No Bullets Spent” – Spoon. Spoon has been putting music out for 33 years now! I didn’t discover them until 2002’s Kill the Moonlight – “The Way We Get By” was on my favorite songs of the decade list – and that was their fourth studio album. Jeez. They are finally releasing a greatest hits compilation and this is the obligatory new track. It sounds what a Spoon track should sound like.

“Denver Haircut” – The Hold Steady. THS has been releasing a series of singles over the past couple years and most people figured they were one-off efforts. The band just announced that those singles will all be packaged with five new songs on an album out later this summer. It’s their first album in five years, and is the first with their full original lineup since 2008. Like the Spoon track, this is exactly what you would expect from THS.

“Footloose” – Live From Daryl’s House.
I’ve watched a few episodes of Live From Daryl’s House over the years. It is Daryl Hall’s web series where he brings in artists he likes, they talk, and play each other’s music. I randomly stumbled across this video earlier this week. I’m not sure how anyone can watch and not smile as they do. Kenny Loggins looks pretty good for being in his 70s.