It was a good holiday weekend for the family and I.

It started with, as I mentioned in my Friday Vid post, 36 holes of pitch and putt golf. Later I met our friends the B’s from KC, along with Mrs. Coach Hebs, for lunch at a spot I had never been to before. Friday night we watched Coach Hebs’ team win their home opener in a rout over the team Cathedral beat in week one.

Saturday was supposed to be our second cross country week of the season. C’s team decided not to run in the CYO race, I’m assuming because of the holiday and people being gone. M was still supposed to run about an hour east of Indy. She and S left just as some rain was moving in near our house. In the time it took them to get to the host school, the storm had blossomed and featured heavy rain and lots of lightning. They hung out at a McDonald’s near the course while the meet was delayed for 45 minutes before the coaches decided to cancel it. I think S was thrilled to drive that far for nothing.

The rest of Saturday was pretty lazy. I followed the KU game online,1 napped, yelled at the girls a little. A pretty standard Saturday. That evening we went out the with B’s and Hebs, starting at another place I had not been to before. Two new places in one weekend! We need more guests from Kansas City because they seem to force us out of our old, reliable spots.

Sunday was supposed to be pool party day. And it was, just delayed slightly because of persistent rain in the late morning and early afternoon. Eventually the clouds cleared and it was a beautiful day with a hint of fall in the air. Plenty of beer, good food, and good times with friends.

Monday morning Billy B and his oldest daughter joined L and I on the pitch and putt course for about 14 holes. The girls kind of checked out around the turn and we got caught behind a group of six that had three kids in it. So we jumped from 12 to 17, played the last two holes and called it a day.

I spent the afternoon doing the very fun manual cleaning of the pool. One of the joys vinyl liner pools is residue from sunscreen, hair products, body oils, etc. collect along the waterline and need to be scrubbed off occasionally. I really should have done this a couple days earlier as Monday was sunny and hot. Then again, I was floating on a noodle while I scrubbed the liner, so it really wasn’t that bad.

The only bummer of the weekend is that I’m getting hit by a cold. The girls all had really bad colds a week ago and I thought I had dodged the bullet. But all weekend I could feel the cold just sitting in the back of my throat, waiting to for me to drop my guard so it could take over. Thankfully it waited until after our weekend guests had left and plans were complete before really hitting me last night. It’s one of those fun colds where your throat hurts and just when you get to sleep you start coughing and wake up. It was not the most restful night. After going more than two years without a cold, I’ve now had two in a little under four months.

And now we’re in September. Summer is officially in the rearview mirror, football has begin, L and I saw Christmas decorations when we were at Hobby Lobby Saturday, and you can start looking in that back corner of your closets where the long-sleeved shirts have been hanging since April and think about wearing them again.

1. It wasn’t on TV here because the Reds game was on.