“Rock With You” – Michael Jackson
Today was a late start day for CHS, and I have an appointment this morning, so no time for a full playlist.

Instead I share this wonderful video and a link to a new site fellow music junkies should absolutely bookmark.

Richard Challen is a music journalist who is a regular commentor on Tom Breihan’s The Number Ones series at Stereogum. Inspired by that series moving towards the 1980s – the latest entry was from June 1979 – Challen has started his own site, Spandex & Synths, where he will break down every song that charted in the 1980s. That’s right, every song. Not every #1 or every top ten track. Every. Song. If he survives long enough to do it, that is.

He has three entries up so far, and one is on Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You.” He captures all that is great about the track and what sets it apart from other MJ songs.

And then there is this video, which is 1000% tremendous.