“Runaway Dog” – Retirement Party
Seems like there have been several songs I’ve shared lately that have a strong, mid–90s vibe. Not sure if that means the grunge years are coming back. Add this one to the list. Especially in the rhythm section this has the feel of a Belly song.

“Wash it Away” – Black Lab
This wasn’t really grunge era – it was released in 1997 – but it is a forgotten gem from the ’90s alt-rock scene.

“Chattanooga” – Briston Maroney
Man, I am digging this dude’s vibe. I wish he had a proper album out instead of a three song EP. I’ve spent a night in Chattanooga so this really speaks to me. (It doesn’t.) This song is the shit, my friends.

“Roadless” – Frightened Rabbit
From their final EP, this absolutely gorgeous track. I hold out hope there are some more of these in their archives, or that the final songs Scott had recorded demos for can be turned into something worth releasing.

“A Thousand Words” – Jay Som
A hazy, pleasing leftover from the sessions for last year’s Anak Ko album.

“Jungle Love” – The Time
I recorded the Grammy tribute to Prince earlier this week and watched it yesterday. Loved almost every second of it. I may run through it again over the weekend and do a breakdown for you. Was pleased to see the Time performing and still kicking ass.

“Nuthin’ But A ”G“ Thang” – Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg
On 4/20 Dre’s legendary album The Chronic finally hit streaming services. I was quick to listen, once I had some headphones handy. That is not an album you want the kids walking in on! It had been a long time since I had listened to it. It brought back memories to the spring of ’93 when it hit and I was listening to it constantly. It was likely the last major hip hop album I bought. Anyway, speaking of kids, that was back when six buddies and I rented a big house in a neighborhood that was otherwise real adults, not idiot college kids. We would occasionally have big football games in our yards that featured a few of us then about 20 neighborhood kids. I remember a kid, maybe 12 or 13, playing with us and knowing every word to this song. They were the radio version lyrics, but he gave us a look that said he knew the album lyrics if we wanted to hear them. Man, Snoop looks young enough to be one of those little hoodlums that played with us back then.