It looks like it has been nearly a month since I shared new music in a Friday post. That has left quite a backlog. So let’s get caught up with a mega-playlist to take us into Father’s Day weekend.

“Carousels” – Doves. The first new Doves song in over a decade, and it does not disappoint. Sounds mature yet maintains the energy that was present through their excellent run of albums. Very happy they are back together.

“I See You” – Phoebe Bridgers. Her new album is out today and getting great reviews. I can’t wait to wrap this post up so I can start listening.

“Cameo” – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Speaking of great albums, RBCF’s latest dropped last week and I’ve been listening to it a ton. A great album filled with terrific tracks. This might be the best of the bunch.

“Go!” – Spielbergs. Sounds like pretty much every other Spielbergs song, which means it kicks ass.

“American Crisis” – Bob Mould. While on the subject of ass kickers, here are Mr. Mould’s thoughts on the state of our country.

“Mahgeetah” – My Morning Jacket. I pulled up MMJ’s It Still Moves album this week for the first time in a long time. This is one of the better side one, track ones of the early ’00s.

“Why Can’t You be Nicer To Me?” – The White Stripes. Want to feel old? The White Stripes’ second album, De Stijl, the one that started getting them national run, came out 20 years ago this week. Remember when The White Stripes and The Strokes and Interpol were on the vanguard of an exciting wave of new music that was revitalizing the rock scene? That was 20 freaking years ago, The White Stripes are no more, The Strokes are on like their third comeback, Interpol are focused on side projects, and rock music has become a niche genre rather than the dominant form of pop music. Also, those of us who were already a decade into adulthood at the turn of the millennium are getting old.

“Sweeter” – Leon Bridges featuring Terrace Martin. I love how Bridges is constantly, yet subtly, adjusting his sound. No wild changes of direction. New songs always retain elements of his last batch of music while gently adding exciting new elements. A poignant song for this moment in time.