Another longer set of music this week.

“Find Your Way Back Home” – Neil Finn featuring Stevie Nicks and & Christine McVie
The whole Neil Finn replacing Lyndsey Buckingham in Fleetwood Mac thing is so odd that I kind of refuse to believe that it actually happened. But Finn leveraged that to get his two most famous new bandmates to join him on his latest solo track. His music has mellowed out a lot in the last decade, but this is one of the few songs over that stretch that I’ve enjoyed.

“Deeper Water” – Neil Finn and Paul Kelly
The first time I listened to “Find Your Way Back Home” Spotify jumped into Finn’s catalog afterward, and instead of picking a song off his first couple solo albums that I listened to hundreds of times back around the turn of the millennium, it selected this, from a live performance Neil did with Australian folk artist Kelly in 2013. And this song, a Kelly original, is absolutely terrific. It really elevates when the electric guitar comes in and Finn takes over lead vocals. The entire performance, done at the Sydney Opera House, is great as well.

“Truganini” – Midnight Oil
Let’s keep it with another Aussie legend. A few weeks back I caught an old Saturday Night Live from the spring of 1993. Christina Applegate was the host. Chris Farley did his “In a van, down by the river” routine. And Midnight Oil performed this, maybe their last big song. Peter Garrett did Peter Garrett things.

“Godless” – Close Lobsters
I still say these Scots sound Australian, which kind of makes them the perfect band for my tastes.

“A Ghost” – Travis
The kings of the modern, Scottish indie movement will release their first album since 2016 this fall. The lead single has more momentum than just about any song they’ve ever released, while still retaining that classic “Travis-ness.”

“Breadwinner” – Widowspeak
This duo put out a song that finished #13 on my Favorite Songs of 2013 list, but their last album didn’t do much for me. This new track, though? It’s absolutely magical.

“Nothing Will Hurt” – No Joy
A nice evolution in sound for this band, which began as more of a shoegaze act. There’s all kinds of delicious, new wavey goodness in this track.

“Summer Breeze” – The Isley Brothers
We’re in that summer breeze season, y’all.