First off, apologies. I had a morning project that took longer than expected then lunch duty at St. P’s and I am a bit behind. Better late than never, though.

“Ghosts” – Bruce Springsteen.
HOLY SHIT!!! The lead single off Springsteen’s up-coming album, the title track “Letter to You,” is pretty good. But this? Again, HOLY SHIT!!! Best song he’s put out since 1987? Maybe his poppiest song ever? And, like so many things, it seems like the perfect song for a moment when pretty much everything seems horrible. The nostalgia for friends who have passed feels especially poignant when so much has been lost in recent years. Bruce’s lyrics have always been great. But I’m kind of in shock that he can still make a song that sounds this great in his 70s. For that matter, it has to be the best rock song every made by someone his age, right? That outro feels like it could melt all the hate and evil that dominates the world right now.

“Public Enemy Number Won” – Pubic Enemy featuring Mike D, Ad-Rock, and Run-DMC
PE put out a new album last week. I gave part of it a listen and not much connected with me. But this, an updated version of their 1987 classic, is solid and fun.

“All Around You” – Joensuu 1865
Another pretty great track from the best damn band in Finland.

“Bernie Sanders” – Nothing
Not what you think it’s about. A nice ass-kicker for the fall of ass kickings.

“October” – The Helio Sequence
It’s October, y’all.

“Back On My Feet Again” – The Babys
The Babys had a few great songs in their late ’70s run. Most will think of “Every Time I Think Of You” first when recalling the band. I had forgotten about this one until I heard it recently as a long distance dedication on an old American Top 40. It’s kind of a perfect pop song for its time.