Chart Week: December 3, 1983
Song: “Love Is A Battlefield” – Pat Benatar
Chart Position: #6, 11th week on the chart. Peaked at #5 the week of December 10.

There’s no great story behind the song this week.

Nope, this entry is simply an excuse to share one of the iconic videos of the 1980s.

Pat Benatar enlisted director Bob Giraldi to help mold the images for her final single of 1983. That was a wise choice as Giraldi was just a few months removed from directing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” video. Pat was no Michael, but there are some common elements, notably the little dance battle in the final third of “Battlefield.”

This video was also notable for being the first to ever include dialogue. That seems like a small note, but by the summer of 1984 sprinkling a few seconds of spoke word into your video was almost the norm.

Benatar had better songs, and one that most people think of first when they think of her. But with “Love Is a Battlefield,” she staked a claim for having one of the most important and memorable videos of the era.