Another week where I’ve reviewed a ton of new songs, and many of them have stuck. So it looks like you all are the winners, with another stacked playlist.

“Take Back the Radio” – Katy J. Pearson
A few of my loyal blog readers were also listeners to the music podcast I did for about 10 years, Carmel Liberation Radio. This would have been an easy choice for an opening song for CLR based on the title alone.

“Enough is Never Enough” – The Clockworks
DAMMIT! I’ve had this song in my Spotify current tracks playlist since mid-November, and apparently have never included it in a Friday PL. Which is a massive fail on my part, because it totally kicks ass. I can guarantee you it will be on this year’s favorites list as a missed track from 2020. “THESE FINGERS ARE MADE FOR POINTING!”

“Be My Friend” – THE GOA EXPRESS
Some scorching-hot rock from the north of England. We need more songs like this. These kids only have two songs on Spotify. I would submit that they need more.

“Help Me” – Low Cut Connie
I’m not sure what to think of this group, fronted by Adam Weiner. He definitely has a throw-back sound, some kind of mid-80s, white boy soul, and has built up a bit of a cult audience. Obama even included one of his tracks on one of his public playlists a few years back. I listened to the entire album this song comes from and it might be a little too ambitious for my ears. But this song has an undeniable groove and works just fine.

“Ten Feet Tall” – Charlie Hickey
The first time I heard this song I thought, “This sounds like a dude’s version of a Phoebe Bridgers song.” When the first chorus kicked in, I thought, “Damn, it even has a backup singer who sounds like Phoebe.” Wasn’t I surprised to learn it was, in fact, the Phoebe Bridgers singing with him! And that she and Hickey have been friends for nearly a decade. This is a terrific first listen to what Hickey can offer. I’m excited to hear more from the lad.

“Immune” – Jensen McRae
This song is about as meta as you can get. A few weeks back McRae posted a video of her doing part of a “preemptive” cover of a song she imagined that Phoebe Bridgers will write in 2023, looking back at the Covid pandemic. It was kind of a joke, but she took it and ran with it, turning it into an actual song. And, goddamn if it isn’t a hell of a track.

“Midnight Dipper (Soulwax Remix)” – Warmduscher, Soulwax
This would be my current choice for walkup music if I was a major league baseball player. And I would refuse to step into the box until all 6:10 of the song had played. I don’t think anyone would object, as players on the field and fans in the stands would all break into elaborate, choreographed dance routines.

“Anotherloverholenyohead” – Prince
I think this track gets overlooked a lot in the Prince catalog. The Parade album, other than “Kiss,” tends to get that treatment. It is a typically great, second-tier Prince track. But the video! There’s something about his Minneapolis Vice look that makes it extra special.