“Solar Power” – Lorde
Oh good Lord(e)! Our New Zealand queen has returned in a major way. An almost instant Song of the Summer, one that arrives with a rather controversial album cover. Her album art makes me feel uncomfortable, so I’m just avoiding it as much as possible. YMMV.

“the angel of 8th ave.” – Gang of Youths
Hopping across the Tasman Sea for another long-awaited track. Gang of Youths seem poised to become the standard bearers for big, anthemic, emotional rock. Not that many bands make that kind of music anymore. This is a very welcome first peek at their new album.

“Better” – Michgander
This track is niiiiiice. It sounds like Ryan Adams mixed up with Wild Pink. Hopefully they don’t have the baggage of Adams so I can continue to enjoy their music.

“Basement Tapes” – Semisonic
I had no idea Semisonic was still putting out new music. They released an EP last year that included this enjoyable track recalling their early days as a band. Bonus points for the Kansas City reference.

“Fifty” – Franklin Embry and Jason Hust
I had never heard this song before this morning. It popped up in a quick search for songs that seemed appropriate for the next couple days of my life.

“Pool Hopping” – Illuminati Hotties
It wasn’t quite as warm here in Indy this week as some of my friends to the west experienced, but this is still a perfect song for the season.