“Silk Chiffon” – MUNA featuring Phoebe Bridgers
MUNA is doing it right. They landed a gig opening for Phoebe Bridgers on her fall tour. Then they parlayed that into her taking a guest vocal spot on their latest single. In a different time, this song would be a huge radio hit. And making a large chunk of the country clutch their pearls that a song about being gay was so popular. Because, you know, pop songs turn innocent kids gay.

“Fixed Gear” – Snarls
Last year Snarls landed the #2 spot on my favorite songs of the year list. The band said their new EP was more intentional after their first album was the equivalent of taking a handful of glitter and throwing it. Listen to the two songs and I think you’ll hear that difference clearly. I think I prefer the glitter approach.

“How Lonely Are You?” – Ducks Ltd.
Ducks Ltd. is a strange name for a band. Stranger when you consider they used to be called Ducks Unlimited. But they make good jangle pop, so get over yourself and get past their name.

“Easter” – Strand of Oaks
Another stand-out track from Timothy Showalter’s latest album Heaven.

“Beautiful Beaches” – James
I follow a baseball writer who is very into James. I don’t think I would have known they were still putting out new music if not for him. I missed this single last spring but heard it recently. It’s about the experience of friends of lead singer Tim Booth when they had to flee their California home to avoid wild fires. Booth lived in California for many years, so I assume he understands US geography. Which makes it weird that he sings “get out of Kansas.”

“Scenario” – A Tribe Called Quest
FS1 used this as bumper music in last night’s Red Sox – Rays game. That gave me an excuse to share one of the great videos of its time. “Bo knows this, and Bo knows that. But Bo don’t know jack, ‘cuz Bo can’t rap.”

Bonus Video

“Straight Outta Compton – Oktoberfest Edition”