“Brothers Gonna Work It Out” – Public Enemy
This popped up on my workout playlist this week. Peak PE.

“Crystal Bullets” – White Denim
I can dig what these cats are laying down.

“Knead” – illuminati hotties
ih’s album Let Me Do One More has received almost universal acclaim. I don’t love Sarah Tudzin’s voice, so I can’t get into the album as much as the consensus does. This one works for me, though, with it’s heavy ’90s influence.

“EYES ON THE ROAD” – Trace Mountains
Dave Benton says this song was inspired by a late night drive, and the reflection that drive caused. I hear a little War on Drugs circa Slave Ambient propulsion pushing this track along.

“Crush” – Hatchie covering Jennifer Paige
A cover of Paige’s one-hit wonder from 1998. I had forgotten about the original, then listened and remembered it was some replacement level Mariah Carey. Not a bad song, but certainly not on Mariah’s level. I like Hatchie’s trip-hop-like take.

“Heaven” – Eliza Shaddad Live in Session at Battersea Arts Centre
A thoroughly delightful performance. This track is definitely in my pool of songs under consideration for my favorites of 2021.