“Do You Pray?” – Tess Parks
When artists are described as “Psych rockers” it can go several directions. I like the direction Parks takes that description.

“Falling Apart (Right Now)” – Wilco
Wilco has had a hell of a journey through their nearly 30 year career. They’ve meandered all over the soundscape, had various levels of success, had lineup turnovers, personal strife, and eventually became elder statesmen of American rock. For their upcoming, double album, they are apparently falling back into the Uncle Tupelo alt country roots the band grew from. This sounds a little more classic country than anything they’ve ever done. Because it’s Wilco, though, there are plenty of little twists and surprises that keep it from being a pure country song.

“Patience Etc…” – Caroline Loveglow
The sound and title of this track seem perfect for how the weather’s been this week. Cloudy, rainy, dreary. But if we have patience better days are ahead. Like next week when it’s 90°.

“All Comes Crashing” – Metric
About 10 years ago Metric was one of the biggest things in the indie rock world. They’re still around, banging out solid music every few years. Like this, their newest, latest.

“Come True” – Suburban Living
This band is very hard to Google. Results were more focused on stories about suburban voters in recent elections than the band. Maybe that’s because the album this song comes from is six years old. It sounds closer to 20 years old; I would have said this fell squarely in that early 2000’s blog rock scene. Their album cover also had floppy disks on it, which would make it seem even older. I was hipped to it via Spotify’s Discovery playlist. I kind of like when it throws old(ish) tracks at me.

“Rain” – The Cult
As I said, it’s rained here all week. The grass is super green, but all our low spots are filled with water, meaning a mosquito infestation is to come. I’m not sure if I had ever seen this video before a few months back. It is wild. I’m really not sure why Ian Astbury is fellating his microphone, but I’m sure he had a good reason to do so back in 1985. I love that they had backup singers who were basically female versions of Astbury. Or maybe he was a male version of them.