Just a little more cleanup from my podcast archives research, a whole heck of a lot of new music, and no playlist next week due to travel means (at least) one more mega playlist for your listening pleasure.

“In the Right” – The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness
Some jim-dandy power pop here, my friends.

“Overcome” – Young Guv
Let’s keep it on the power pop tip for one more track.

“ILYSM” – Wild Pink
WP has made some of my favorite music of the last five years. Band leader John Ross was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and has been undergoing treatment since. I do not know his prognosis, but hoping it is positive since he is still making music. This is the title track from the band’s next album, expected in October, which will be focused on what he has been going through. If this song is indicative of the entire album, it’s going to be incredible. When everything comes together at the 2:45 mark, it might be the music moment of the year.

“Sometimes” – MUNA
A strong contender for artist of the year with this music critic.

“That’s Rare” – Free Time
I’m astounded that this band is from New York and not Australia. It makes no sense; this is straight Aussie jangle pop. The singer even sounds like he’s from Brisbane!

“Olympus” – Blondshell
I approve of songs like this that speak of deep emotional wounds.

“Fire Maple Song” – Everclear
Speaking of emotional wounds…Holy lost songs! This was one of my very favorite songs of the 1990s. And somehow I haven’t listened to it since I made the transition away from iTunes and into streaming services. We’re talking a good 7-8 years here, folks, maybe more. Unbelievable! And I had pretty much forgotten about it. Until I came across it in the old pod playlists. Thank the Music Gods for setting me straight!

“Summer Dream” – Bonny Light Horseman, Anais Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson, & Josh Kaufman
A gorgeous song for these warm, breezy nights.

“Paris (Ooh La La)” – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals live at Red Rocks
My brother in music E$ sent this video to me this week. Not a single thing about it sucks. I swore I had listened to some of Potter’s music at some point, but nothing jumped out at me after a quick review. I might need to rectify that. With that in mind…

“Whole Lotta Love” – Grace Potter covering Led Zeppelin
From her Covid Days livestreams. Remember those?