“The Queen Is Dead” – The Smiths
I’m sorry, but if you think I’m not playing this song today you don’t know me very well. I’m not here to dance on graves but rather shout to the heavens, for the thousandth time, about the genius of Johnny Marr. “Has the world changed or have I changed?”

“Be Careful With Yourself” – Julia Jacklin
As usual Jacklin’s new album, to my ears, is filled with slow, precious songs that are a little too slow and precious. But, also as usual, the tracks that break that mold are the ones that I love.

“Gumball Garden” – GIFT
Found this via Keith Law’s monthly playlist. I totally agree with him: I would have thought it a Tame Impala song if not told otherwise.

“HaHaHome” – Twen
This song is nearly a year old but I just heard it in the past couple weeks. I like how it brushes up against a 1960s, psychedelic vibe but never fully commits.

“God Save The Queen” – Sex Pistols
I’m sorry, but if you think I’m not playing this song today…

“Hold You Tight” – Tara Kemp
I heard this song last Friday on SiriusXM for the first time in – checks calendar – 30 years or so. It wasn’t a bad little jam, certainly typical of its time in the R&B world. I had forgotten it made it all the way to #3 on the pop chart. As brother in music E-Bro said, the video kind of sums up everything 1991 was about. After listening/watching to these I did some research and found this interesting video about what happened to Kemp after her brief moment in the spotlight. The music business is a cold, heartless place.