Today I unveil a new style of post. Who knows how regular these will be, or how long they will last. But let’s give it a shot.

As the title suggests, in these posts I will be Ranking Shit. Five things I will place in an order with just a few words of explanation.

To kick us off, I will rank the top five songs on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Why am I ranking songs that are 45 years old? Great question! Over the past week I’ve heard a bunch of these, either on SiriusXM or an iHeart Radio American Top 40 replay. So they’ve been in my head.

5 – “More Than A Woman”

There should an asterisk on this one, since there are two versions of the song on the soundtrack, one by the Bee Gees the other by Tavares. They are both very good, although I was partial to the Tavares version as a kid.

4 – “Stayin’ Alive” – Bee Gees

THE song most people remember when they think of the movie and the soundtrack. Not many things in my lifetime have been cooler than John Travolta walking through Brooklyn to the beat of this.

3 – “Disco Inferno” – The Trammps

Burn, baby, burn. My favorite song on the album when I was a kid and my parents were spinning it endlessly. The only entry on this list not written by the Gibb brothers.

2 – “How Deep Is Your Love” – Bee Gees

A perfect ballad.

1 – “If I Can’t have You” – Yvonne Elliman

Maybe the archetypal crying in the club song? Elliman does an amazing job injecting her vocals with pain without ever going over-the-top.