A little late today as I spent most of the morning running around doing things for the girls. It’s also been a rather odd start to my music year, and I’m not piling up the new music the way I normally do. More on that below. I have managed to cobble together a few songs for your listening pleasure.

“Getting It Right” – Caitlin Rose and Courtney Marie Andrews
Another entry in my continuing exploration of where the line between pop and country that I can tolerate lies, and this is just poppy enough for me to enjoy.

“Daisy” – atmos bloom
One thing there is no question that I enjoy is shoegaze, whether modern or classic.

“Shit Talkin'” – Alex Lahey
An anthem for the social anxious among us.

“Down in the Park” – Tubeway Army featuring Gary Numan
For most of the past two weeks I’ve been listening to the stream of Kansas City radio station 90.9 The Bridge’s Z-to-A countdown (countup?) of their entire library. As I type they are in the B’s, and it looks like they will wrap up sometime Sunday. It’s been awesome. I’ve heard a lot of songs I love, rediscovered some old favorites I haven’t heard in years, and found some songs that were brand new to me. I think The Bridge is going to become a big part of my listening habits even after they transition back to a more regular format.

This is one of the new to me songs, a brilliant track from 1979 I had no idea existed.

“Lookin’ For Another Pure Love” – Stevie Wonder
This week’s big music death (not counting Lisa Marie Presley) was Jeff Beck. I mostly knew of Beck from his work with Rod Stewart. I also learned in recent years that he appeared on a couple tracks on Stevie Wonder’s legendary Talking Book album. Including this track, where Stevie encourages him to “Do it Jeff…” when he adds a lovely solo run.

“Taillights Fade” – Buffalo Tom
And here’s one of the forgotten tracks that I heard for the first time in ages this past week. When Buffalo Tom was good, they were exceptionally good.