Curb fans will enjoy this real-life origin story.

One evening, as they drank into the night, it dawned on them. ‘I looked at his face and I said, “There’s something about you, man, that spooks me.” Just saying that spooks everyone!’ It clicked. ‘“You’re Richard Lewis!” “You’re Larry David!”… I was yelling at him, he was yelling at me.’

‘I disliked him intensely’: Richard Lewis on first meeting Larry David

A great Q&A with Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC.

Our downfall came after Raising Hell when we stopped being Run-D.M.C. and became “Run-D.M.C.,” a band that had to have a hit record, get on MTV, and live up to expectations and a lifestyle that had nothing to do with why we got together in the first place.

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The Worst and Most Captivating of Run-D.M.C., According to D.M.C.

I tend to like Sean McFate’s worldview, but am often frustrated by his writing style, which can get in the way of his points. That aside, an interesting take on how we are likely planning (and spending spectacularly) on the wrong next war.

However, American traditionalists do not see the threat here. For them, war only occurs when bullets fly. They may be patriots, but sneaky war exploits their ignorance.

Sneaky War: How to Win the World Without Fighting

Here is a great Cold War story I had never heard before. It is certainly unorthodox and has some fascinating twists to it.

How did an ordinary American become a Soviet icon? And who was the Man from Fifth Avenue, really? As I dug deeper and made new discoveries, I found a tale a whole lot wilder than I’d ever imagined—a story of foreign intrigue, forbidden romance, and a man who might just have been playing everyone all along.

The Man From Fifth Avenue

Speaking of twists, this is one of the craziest stories I’ve read recently. There are some people out there who put an insane amount of effort into being bad.

The true story of a golf pro’s lies, fraud, threats and tales of murder