Despite the fact the Big 10+1 tournament is here in Indy, it doesn’t feel like conference tournament season. When you work alone in an office at home, there’s no buzz. I forgot to even check the TV yesterday until I heard St. Joe’s was down by 30. I’ll have to block off my calendar next Thursday and Friday so I don’t have the same problem then.

Another strange thing about working in the office is I don’t always know what day it is. Tuesday, I swore it was Thursday, or at least Wednesday. Yesterday, at least two times I looked at the calendar and said, “Is it really Thursday?” So today is Wednesday, right?

We made our first foray into Babies R Us last night, and it was surprisingly pain free. Baby gear is so high tech these days that it appeals to the “Must Buy Toys” side of the male personality. Need a stroller that resembles an SUV? No problem! Vibrating baby seat? Hey, this is great for days I spend working in the yard and my arms are sore. Do we want the diaper dumpster that locks in all smells but only accept a special kind of bag, or the one that may let out a little odor but can take any plastic bag you can throw at it? These are the questions you’ll be dealing with one day, my childless friends. I was especially pleased we didn’t get hassled by older women who were insistent on telling us what we needed, asking personal details, and sharing their pregnancy stories. I still have emotional scars from our attempts to register at Bed, Bath, & Beyond last spring. I was about ten seconds away from punching a B-cubed employee who seemed to be stalking us.
My favorite moment, however, came when I glanced over in the clothes section. I’ve seen the Nike gear babies can rock these days, so the wide collection Nike produces was no surprise. I saw a rack of Pacers clothing and walked over to check what kind of options there were. Strangely, there was one section full of KC Royals gear! No Cubs, White Sox, Reds, or Cardinals gear just Royals. A little blue and black jumper that came with shorts, perfect for baby’s first pennant stretch! I held off on buying the set, but they may end up in Fetus’ closet sooner rather than later.

I was looking at the Indianapolis Indians’ schedule to see what the possibilities of an Indians O’bash were. Like the Royals, the Indians have only one Saturday afternoon home game all season, and it falls the weekend after the Royals O’bash. Unlucky.

Sign #42 that spring (and summer) is near: an article I read this morning said this is one of the rare years when there are both major 17 year and 13 year broods of cicadas that emerge. As I shared last summer, cicadas are one of my favorite things of summer. I can almost hear the carcasses crunching under my shoes already!

BTW, it’s snowing in Indy this morning. It was like 75 a week ago today. I’ve clearly not escaped the wild weather changes of March by moving 500 miles east.