There are times when I doubt the world, when I think it’s full of cynicism and selfishness. Moments when I believe people are more concerned with getting ahead than the common good. Then there’s a moment like last night, when my faith in man is reaffirmed. Yes, I subjected myself to ten minutes of Jay Leno so I could watch Vince Vaughn in action. The man is a Golden God, to quote his friend Will Ferrell. He’s a beacon in troubled times. He gives me a reason to wake up in the morning.

I’ll spare you all the details, but suffice it to say that the Tonight Show hasn’t been this interesting since Johnny exited the scene a decade ago. What truly made the night was Vince’s (obligatory, of course) recounting of a recent trip to Las Vegas. After admitting he enjoys gambling, but isn’t so good at the card games, he replayed his stay at the Paris Las Vegas hotel. As anyone who’s been there knows, the hotel is designed to replicate the Paris, France experience. Signs are in French, there’s French music, lots of mimes, cheese and cigarettes. The Germans march in everyday at noon and people flee in hysterics before them. Also, everyone who works there has some standard French phrases to greet guests with. Vaughn mentioned how he really enjoyed “Bob from Brooklyn” greeting him with “Bonsiour” or “Bonjour”. In fact he enjoyed it so much, he’d often make laps of the hotel telling all the workers “Hello” so he could hear their cheery French responses. (Here it comes) So, as he finished, (Here it is):

“While I was losing in cards, I was winning in fun, Jay.”

Pure brilliance. I laughed my ass off. Those of us who are fans of Mr. Vaughn know that Trent Walker wasn’t a huge stretch for him. This was just another sign that Vince is, as always, the fun-loving, out-going, party guy. I flipped back once later, when Molly Shannon was on, and Vince was the perfect guest on the couch. As soon as she somewhat awkwardly ended a story, he clapped as enthusiastically as a man could clap to lead the audience in appreciation of her effort (never mind Leno audiences clap like mindless, Pavlovian dogs each time the applause light comes on). He leaned over, patted Shannon on her leg, and softly said something to reassure her. All the man needed was a drink and a cigarette and we’d be transported back to a simpler time.

For that, I think Vince Vaughn for renewing my faith in mankind.