We watched this incredibly powerful, moving movie last night. Don Cheadle is truly amazing.

My long-time readers know that I have a certain sensitivity about what happened in Rwanda in the mid-90s. I won’t rehash the rant I’ve shared before, partially because you’ve heard it in the past and also because there is another book about the genocide in my To Read pile. I highly recommend the movie to everyone. It’s disturbing, but without requiring graphic footage of the mass murders to achieve that end.

Watch it and think about when it is and is not appropriate for the world’s only superpower to take action in other countries. When is it necessary to do more than just say we’re concerned (as has been happening again over the past year with Darfur). How many poor citizens of third world nations most Americans have never heard of must be killed before we do something to help them? I believe it says a lot about this country that we always think about sending troops as a first option, and if that isn’t politically feasible, we often end up doing nothing. Can’t a nation as rich, powerful, and industrious as ours find other ways of helping those in need?

(OK, that turned into a bit of a rant. My apologies.)