M’s nine-month check up was Monday. She measured in as follows:
20 lbs., 6 ounces, 75th percentile
26.5 inches, 25th percentile
90th percentile on head size

Still need to get the girl to lengthen out.  The pediatrician I share a mortgage with tells me you can estimate a person’s adult height by doubling their height when they are two.  So not time to panic yet.  And her mom did quite well for herself in life despite barely getting past five feet in case M. indeed stays on the short side.

Oh, and we have some friends here with a girl that is 2 1/2. She weighs 28 pounds.; She’s lived over three times as long as M. and only has eight pounds on her! If M. could just stand up, she would totally make that girl her bitch. I kid, I kid!