Yesterday morning, M. woke up at 5:00. Yuck. I went in and got her untangled from her blanket, found her binky, and tried to make her comfortable. I went back to bed, but could never go back to sleep. S. got up around 6:30 to prepare for work. I got up shortly after to get M. ready to go over to her grandparents’ for the day. They left just after 7:00 and I spent the next 30 minutes reading e-mail and the web.

I had a project due in my publishing class last night. We had to design a letterhead, business card, and envelope for a business, real or imagined. I thought I was just about done when I went to bed Wednesday. I figured I would have a few small elements to clean up then I could slowly print copies, put the package we turn in together, etc. over the course of the day. From the time I began working at 7:45 or so until I left for class at 4:45, I spent all but 30-40 minutes working on the project. There’s nothing like realizing you need to change your color scheme, or two elements are out of proportion, which requires adjusting everything, at the last minute.

By the time I got to class, I was totally fried and jittery from the deadly combination of little sleep and too much caffeine. We have to turn in a write-up with our project, stating what our intent was, how we created our products, and things we liked/disliked about the process. I had a line that said something along the lines of “I liked my base concept, but I’m not sure if I was able to capture that in the final product.” I was not looking forward to presenting and being graded.

All my worries were for naught. The class really seemed to like my work. Our instructor said a few things I did were perfect examples of how you should put a project like this together (I admitted it was from dumb luck rather than reading the handout he had given us) and he seemed to approve of it as well. Suddenly, I was flush with energy and confidence. I was ready to go run around the block! To drink 20 beers! To go dancing all night! Instead, I went home and ate some dinner, watched the first half of the Pacers-Heat game, scheduled a recording for the remainder of the game, and was in bed before 10:00. A pretty good day, all things considered.