M.¬†spent the morning at her grandparents’ house today. When I arrived to pick her up, she was just waking from a nap. After a few minutes cuddling with Grammy to shake the cobwebs, she hopped down onto the floor, started grunting and pointing around the corner, and then took off towards my father-in-law’s office.

“You’ve got to see this,” he said.

I followed her into the office and found her sitting in front of an old, electric typewriter. She was banging away on the keys with a look of total glee on her face. Apparently she found the typewriter under his desk one day and has been enamored with it ever since. She continued for about ten minutes, just hammering on the keys and smiling. I guess if my hopes for a writing career don’t pan out, at least there’s hope for the next generation. Now if I can just figure out how to M.¬†proof the keyboards in this house without stifling her creativity.

By the way, my notes on the first two Pacers games of the season are up in my Pacers Journal. My big project kept me from giving full attention to either game. I doubt these early entries are going to win me any awards or attract any attention from the big boys in the hoops blogging community.