I made it back to Indy as scheduled, and as tired as expected, yesterday. C. gave us a pretty good night, which was much appreciated all around. My step-dad seems to be doing pretty good, and when I talked to him this morning, the plan is still to release him sometime tomorrow. I think he’s still got some work to do in areas unrelated to his heart, but I’m encouraged by how quickly his body is coming around.

Despite the weighty family issues going on, I was able to drop in on some of my favorite KC spots. Here’s a quick list:

Lunch at Houlihan’s. Yeah, a chain, but a KC-based chain at least, and even after they got booted off of the Plaza, it’s still a quintessential KC spot.
Dinner (and leftovers the next day) at Garrozzo’s. I chose much better this time as compared to my selection in April (Capelli D’Angelo vs. Three Way Pasta).
A Sheboygan brat at a Royals game.
Lunch at D’Bronx, my old stand-by the Wild Bill. Mmmmm, pastrami! First trip there in well over three years.
Dinner from Oklahoma Joe’s.
Lunch at Gates.
Take-out wings from The Peanut for dinner.
A stop into the Gran Falloon along the way.
Seven Boulevard Wheats, three Boulevard Pale Ales, and five Fat Tires.
Pretty good eating and drinking, all things considered.

It was great to see everyone I saw last week, and I appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers from those of you who expressed them. They’ve helped tremendously.