I know, I know, pretty shitty blog production on my part recently. In my defense, C. just can’t get this sleeping at night thing down, and pretty much every night we’re getting up every 2-3 hours with her. The frustrating part is she drinks two ounces of formula, passes out before she can finish it off, which just means she’ll be up again in a couple hours. I thought about experimenting with IV formula consumption Friday night when S. worked, and I was up at 11:45, 1:30, 3:00, 5:00, 5:45, and finally 6:30, but I thought better of it. When the evening rolls around, and I get a little freedom to put my thoughts on-line, I’ve been far too tired. She’s gotta start sleeping longer eventually, right?

Any of the other parents out there know what “Poppy doppy” means? M. started saying it over the weekend, and now anytime I say it to her, she laughs like crazy and then repeats it over and over. She got it somewhere, but we can’t figure out where. A translation would be helpful.

Homegirl can now count to ten in English and five in Spanish, and throws some wicked A-B-C action into her conversations. She’ll be talking to you about your shoes or the birds at the birdfeeder or the fact that C. is crying and suddenly bust into, “A,B,C,D,E,F….” She’ll get lost shortly after F, but then catch up at L,M,N,O,P and then finish strong with W,X,Y,Z. I’m telling you, we won’t even need to fill out an application for Notre Dame, they’ll come to us and beg us to send her there.

This little lull I’ve had in blogging has got me thinking about what I’m getting from Typepad and if I can justify the expense going forward. I picked it because it’s far more reliable than all of the free options out there, gave me some freedom to change the look without needing to learn any HTML or CSS, and had a good overall look to it. They’ve had a few hiccups lately, and I realize I’m not really getting full value for what I pay them each year. So I was all ready to cancel my account, get a refund, and move the blog someplace new and free. Then I read the fine print and saw they don’t offer refunds, so looks like I’m stuck here for awhile. The good news is the company behind Typepad is putting together a pretty snazzy looking free service that I’ve been playing around with the Beta version. That could be a decent replacement come next spring when my Typepad account is up for renewal. We shall see. I haven’t made you update your e-mail address for me in awhile, so I have to change something soon!

I’ve been thinking a lot about all this madness in the sports world relating to athletes using performance enhancers. I can’t get it coherent quite yet, but it will be appearing somewhere in this space soon, I promise. To prepare, I would ask my sports-minded readers to think about two words: Jason Giambi.

For now, that is all.