I think I figured out what keeps C. from sleeping through the night. The last time S. worked an overnight shift, I was up with C. every two hours. Last night, S.’s first night shift in 10 days, C. and I enjoyed three lovely hours together, between 3:00 and 6:00 while she went through two bottles, two diapers, played, got cranky, and then refused so sleep on her own despite falling asleep immediately each time I picked her up and held her close. In contrast, last week when S. worked days, we had two nights with only one bottle, and all the other nights had only two quick feedings. Maybe I need to put S. on the phone with her just before bed-time to trick her into thinking both parents are home.

It was an all=around delightful day Tuesday. I finally got C. back to bed around 6:00, and M. was up an hour later. I hustled her downstairs, got her changed, some breakfast, and put her in front of the Disney Channel, thinking C. would surely sleep until 9:00 or so and I could get a nap in. Not two minutes after I laid down, C. is yelling for daddy. I struggled to make it until S. got home at 9:00. Turns out she had a great night of her own, as a baby her team was covering died. All day, we had maybe 15 minutes of peace from both kids. The rest of the day, one kid or the other was crying or whining about something. We went for the super early dinner around 5:00, with plans to go to a park afterwards. At the park, there were a few older two-year-olds running around. Kids closer to three than two, with a lot more confidence than M.. She was getting freaked out by them, because they all wanted to be her friend. One girl, Madison, even said, “M. is my new friend!” M. looked at her like she was insane. So we did 20 uncomfortable minutes of her walking around, trying to stay away from the other kids, and refusing to do anything I suggested.
“Want to go on the swings?”
“Want to go down the slide?”
Those are very whiney nooooos, by the way.
When we gave up, we were repaid with a tantrum that lasted the entire 15 minute ride home. Good times. Toddlers are so much fun when they’re overly tired. Is there a camp somewhere that we can send them away to until they’ve passed this stage? Then, she starts counting in Spanish, makes it to ten, and I think, “This kid is great!”

Wednesday, we’re trying the zoo. Wish us luck.