I’m thinking about using my next check from work to print a few hundred of these to distribute, randomly.

<a href=”http://apostrophe.me/”>How To Use An Apostrophe</a>

It reminds me of the days when I worked in a warehouse. After paying my dues and working there, oh, for five years or so, I moved to the night shift and got to spend a lot of time driving a stand-up forklift around.* One of our duties was to replenish the stock pulled by the dayshift. They would give us paper tickets noting the items that needed to be refilled, we would dig the product out of storage, resupply, and then return the ticket to the appropriate work area.

What does that have to do with apostrophes? I had a habit of correcting the spelling and grammatical errors of my coworkers when I returned their tickets. Not everyone took it in the good-natured manner it was intended. I heard the term “Fucking college boy” once or twice. Good times.

(That’s right, I can drive two kinds of forklifts. I’m a bad ass.)