As you might imagine, I’ve been thinking about the last ten years a lot lately. I’m nothing if not a sucker for the end of decades, since they are loaded with opportunities to make <em>best of</em> lists, consider the ways life has changed, and in general have an excuse to remember the past.

What I’ve been struck by while thinking about the 00s is how fast they’ve gone. Seriously, it seems like just yesterday we were preparing for the big Y2K meltdown. Events that happened in 2000 or 2001 or 2002 don’t seem that long ago. I suppose much of that is due to the stability being in your 30s brings. There’s a huge difference between being 18 and 28, as I was in the 90s. Sure, I got married and became a parent and went through some other major changes this decade, but the gap between 28 and 38 seems a lot more manageable.

I don’t expect to do a full-decade retrospective here on the blog in the next two months. You should expect to see an essay about the decade in music at some point, and my top 30 songs of the decade around Thanksgiving. I might make another list or two, but as of now, have no major plans to honor the first decade of the millennium.

In lieu of my own extended breakdowns, check out the site I link to below. I’ve just quickly looked through the archives and it is kind of fun remembering some of the defining elements of the decade.

<a href=””>You AUGHT To Remember</a>